Dispatches From the Front

I came across Frontline Missions clips on youtube and my comfortable, Christian life was shaken to the core. I’ve ordered the DVD set from Christianbooks.com and then later came across their site that offers streaming options. Before the DVD’s get here, I streamed the Every Tribe video of Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam. This is must seeContinue reading “Dispatches From the Front”

Faithful to God’s Word Broadcasts and Podcasts

Some of my favorite Faithful to God’s Word Broadcasts and Podcasts that I have enjoyed over the past several months. I’m pleased to share this list with you. God bless you. Grace To You Bethlehem Baptist Church – Podcasts Bethlehem Baptist Church – Sermons online Behold Your God The City of God Renewing Your Mind Ligonier RefNet Truth forContinue reading “Faithful to God’s Word Broadcasts and Podcasts”

Perfectly Molded For God’s Glory

Always in God’s Hands: Day by Day in the Company of Jonathan Edwards by Dr. Owen Strachan is one of the richest parts of my day. It has become the starting point to read from the wise counsel of both Jonathan Edwards and Dr. Strachan which then leads to the Word of God to furtherContinue reading “Perfectly Molded For God’s Glory”