If you can make it, then register and go! I saw this posted on Ben Woodward’s Facebook page, but I’m unable to get down to KC for this event at this time. If I could go I would be there in a heartbeat!

Ben Woodward – Adoration Prayer Seminar.

Download and then Register via the Jump app.

Update per a note left on Jump by Ben W: If you can’t install Jump to RSVP, you may also email Create Church KC at info@createchurchkc.com to RSVP or just show up at the venue the day of the event.

Hosted by Create Church KC
Feb 23rd, 10am-4pm

El Torreon
3101 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, MO. 64109

“Adoration Prayer is one of my favorite things to teach about. Why? Because it works. It’s actually brings change to your heart and transformation to your spiritual life.” – Ben Woodward.

Here is a quick preview of why this seminar is so important …. watch Ben’s video You Shall Know the Truth Episode 1

Do we stand with what God say’s about Himself or do we believe the lies that Satan tells us about the very nature and character of God? Is God Who He says He is? Do we believe it? An adoration prayer journey is one all Christians must take as this is a spiritual war about “the Knowledge of God. What do I believe about His nature and Character.”

You Shall Know The Truth – Episode 1 from Ben Woodward

Update: Feb 23, 2019, Adoration Prayer Seminar in KC, MO –  Click Here for more details.

Episodes 1 – 5 are available with the Adoration Prayer Package