American Gospel: Christ Alone

American Gospel does not hold back; the camera pans back to the outer boundaries of auditoriums at Hinn crusades, where desperate parents cradle diseased children, ignored, unwanted, and unhealed. We watch this, and we hear Justin Peters testify to this experience personally, and we cannot help but feel both sadness and righteous anger—Christ’s own anger. TheContinue reading “American Gospel: Christ Alone”

Faithful in the Midst of Persecution – Voddie Baucham (The Shepherd’s Conference 2019)

The Shepherd’s Conference 2019 streamed many of the sessions from the conference this year. And one of my favorites was by Voddie Baucham. Take a listen. You will be blessed. General Session 5 – Voddie Baucham – Shepherds’ Conference 2019 from Grace Community Church.