Books and Apps

Recommended Books

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Recommended Apps, Podcasts and Sites I visit often
Those links that are for Apple generally have an Android counterpart

Bethlehem Baptist Church App

ESV Bible – Online (also available as an app)

Grace To You – Sermons and Teaching App

Grace To You – The Study Bible

Ligonier Ministries – Android

Ligonier Ministries – Apple TV

Ligonier Ministries – Apple iOS

One Passion Ministries – Men’s Bible Study, Dr. Steven Lawson

Podcast – Behold Your God

Podcast – Bethlehem Baptist Church – Sermons

Podcast – The City of God, Dr. Owen Strachan

SoundCloud – Dr. Jason DeRouchie

Truth for Life – Alistair Begg

Recommended for Computer  

Logos 8 or get Logos 7 for free! – currently using Logos 8 (available for phone and tablets as well)

E-Sword (free) with some extra options