Recommended Books and Bibles

KeyWord Study Bibles – ESV, NASB, KJV – multiple stores sell them including Amazon, Christianbook, Scripture Truth

MacArthur Study Bible | Reformation Study Bible | Spurgeon Study Bible

MacArthur New Testament Commentaries

Anything you find on Grace To You, Grace Books, Reformation Heritage Books, and Westminster Bookstore should be good and trustworthy.

Anything you find on Ligonier (if you buy the physical book on Ligonier, the ebook is generally included and will be stored in your Ligonier Library. Same with DVD series – the digital copies are generally given to you as well).

Owen Strachan books (other retailers carry as well)

The Christian’s True Identity: What It Means to Be in Christ, Jonathan Landry Cruse

The Messiah: Revealed, Rejected, Received – I read this from my professor, Dr. Varner, in Old Testament Survey. It is an excellent book.

The Message of the Prophets – Excellent Survey of the prophetic books. Check out the Zondervan video series. Those are really good to watch.

More to come!

Recommended Apps, Podcasts and Sites I visit often
Those links that are for Apple generally have an Android counterpart

Anchor Bible Church – Good expository preaching (also available on Apple Podcast)

CSB Bible – Read Online (also available on Apple and Android w/ Audio)

CSB Bible – Listen online

Dwell App – Scripture (ESV) Listening App, with 4 voices to choose from, intimate music in the background and curated playlists

ESV Bible – Read Online (also available on Apple and Android w/ Audio)

Grace To You – Sermons and Teaching App

Grace To You – The Study Bible (John MacArthur Study Notes+, Audio capable with ESV, NASB and KJV Bible)

Ligonier Ministries – Android (Sermons+, Audio capable with ESV Bible)

Ligonier Ministries – Apple TV (Sermons+, Audio + Video)

Ligonier Ministries – Apple iOS (Sermons+, Audio capable with ESV Bible)

One Passion Ministries – Men’s Bible Study, Dr. Steven Lawson

Podcast – Behold Your God

Podcast – The City of God, Dr. Owen Strachan

RefNet (Reformation Network Radio)

SoundCloud – Dr. Jason DeRouchie

Truth for Life – Alistair Begg (Sermons+)

The White Horse Inn

Recommended for Computer  

Logos 8 or get Logos 7 for free! – currently using Logos 8 (available for phone and tablets as well)

E-Sword (free) with some extra options