Christianity & Wokeness: Is Critical Race Theory Incompatible With The Gospel? – Dr. Owen Strachan

Excellent day at Redeemer Bible Church where Dr. Owen Strachan, Director of the Center for Public Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Associate Professor of Christian Theology and the director of the Residency Ph.D. program, spoke today on Christianity & Wokeness: Is Critical Race Theory incompatible with the Gospel? The video below includes all sessions including the Q/A.

Talk 1: What Are the Major Claims of Wokeness?

Talk 2: How Does the Bible Present Ethnicity?

Talk 3: Why Is Wokeness an Ungodly System?

Talk 4: How Should We Understand History?

Question & Answer

Update: Dr. Strachan completes the weekend conference with the Sunday Morning Service at Redeemer Bible Church.

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