Pastor Judah Smith – The Original Freedom

Back in 2010, Pastor Judah Smith preached one of his best series titled The Original Freedom from the Book of Galatians. And as God’s Grace was calling me back and removing the scales from my eyes, this series kept coming to my mind. Unfortunately, The Original Freedom, like many of the older series from that time, are no longer available on their website or You Tube channels.

It was really late on a Friday night and I prayed about it and said God there has to be a copy of this series somewhere! But who would have a copy this late at night? And then I remembered the Way Back Machine. And from there after doing some digging, God helped me find 14 of the messages. The last few were not archived and hopefully one day the collection can be made complete. Maybe someone out there has a copy or hopefully Pastor Judah’s church will have a copy they can find and make it available. I have reached out to the church over the Holidays and will update this post once I get word from them.

For now, I wanted to share this fantastic series [link broken]. I hope it touches your heart and strengthens your faith knowing that The Original Freedom is found only in Jesus. Jesus + Nothing = Original (and True) Freedom. It is in audio format only, not video. But I did find the amazing opener for this series which is linked below:

The Original Freedom Open from Beau Olivas on Vimeo.